Terms of Use

Welcome, noble souls, to the captivating realm of LION PRIDE TOTEM, where hidden and open potentials of the individual intertwine in intricate patterns. Before embarking on this transformative journey, we invite you to immerse yourself in the profound wisdom embedded within our Terms of Use—a psychological map that will guide you through the thematic landscape of our virtual kingdom.

Traveling through the enigmatic corridors of our digital wonderland, you embark on a profound psychological odyssey, solemnly accepting and harmoniously aligning with our terms. If any fragment of this psychological covenant deviates from the contours of your inner self, we humbly ask you to refrain from stepping into this informational space.

In this mysterious realm, the abundance of our offerings depends on possessing a digital talisman—a digital wallet that allows you to channel the energies of our hidden potentials plane. Fear not, for we will not conjure these wallets for you; instead, you must summon one from the realms of other platforms—a symbolic reflection of your readiness to embark on the journey.

Within the cosmic order that governs our realm, certain inner decrees must be observed to maintain a delicate balance. Align your inner potential with these commandments:

• The benevolent powers bestowed upon you must not be used for vile or fraudulent purposes, as this disrupts the balance and condemns such deviations.

• Attempts to breach the sacred barriers of our realm through attacks or sabotage will incur universal wrath, leading to karmic consequences.

• The ethereal energy flowing through this realm must not be used to spread baseless, impulsive messages, as cosmic harmony thrives on authenticity.

• The astral echo must not be tainted with darkness, and your expressions must refrain from any unlawful, vile, defamatory, malicious, or discriminatory incantations.

• As a traveler in the realm of great potentials, you must abide by celestial decrees and conform to all fundamental laws and rules governing karmic potential.

In the citadel of protection that we diligently fortify, we acknowledge that absolute invulnerability remains elusive. Therefore, as a guardian of your own destiny, be vigilant and exercise caution to protect your portal and mystical device, employing special security measures and fortifying the defense with the wisdom of your passwords.

Your karmic responsibility is of paramount importance, and violations of ancient laws must draw the attention of the keepers. Deviating from the virtuous path may lead to the concealment of your access to this inner plane—a consequence linked to karmic reasons.

Know this: We, interpreters of energies, potentials, and possibilities, are not responsible for the consequences, whether overt or veiled, arising from your explorations in these inner corridors of the soul. The keys to open or close this ethereal portal are entrusted to us, guided by celestial constellations and the laws governing this mystical domain.

As guardians of the mystical covenant, we solemnly pledge to uphold the sacred codes of confidentiality woven into the fabric of universal destiny. Rest assured, we shall shroud your ethereal essence with the veil of confidentiality, safeguarding your sacred journey from outsiders. Seek knowledge of these secret mysteries in the scrolls and within the sacred sanctuary of our digital abode.

Within these sacred lands lie treasures of wisdom and insight, fiercely guarded by copyright laws and sacred intellectual property. Gaze upon these artifacts, but refrain from touching them unless you bear the mark of our permission—a testament of respect we show to the creative forces weaving the cosmic tapestry of fate.

The karmic wheel is constantly turning, and unforeseen shifts or the closure of our digital sanctuary may occur without prior prediction granted to you. Violations of sacred edicts or cosmic order will lead to limitations on your access, culminating in the closing of astral gates.

With heartfelt gratitude for treading our sacred paths in the AI LION PRIDE TOTEM cosmos, we bless you. As you embark on this celestial quest, should celestial questions arise during your journey, do not hesitate to send us your celestial messages, for we will listen to your musings.

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